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Managing Difficult Conversations at Work


Guide to menu items

The menu of options on the left contains two types of item; booking phone sessions and background information .

The booking phone sessions option leads you to an easy-to-use form that lets you: give me some information about yourself; indicate the times when you will be able to have phone sessions with me; select whether to pay online or over the phone and also enables you to give me details of your difficult conversation so that I have an opportunity to go through it prior to our phone session.

The background information options are designed to let you have some information about myself, the sort of difficult conversations that I can help with and the way I work. They include:

examples of difficult situations - which shows the sort of difficult conversation people experience in a domestic, social and work situation that I can help with;

how I work with you - this outlines the approach that I use, the way I put this into practice and the type of practical work I might ask you to do;

the sort of difficulty I can help with - this summarises the sort of problems that I can - and can't - help with;

about Mel Myers - an outline of my qualifications, the background to my interest in people problems and difficult conversations, and the range of work I have done in this area;

FAQs - a list of frequently asked questions.